About us

Basti Bubu Kindergarten started operating in 2012. The kindergarten is located next to Basti Bubu Studio and is equipped with everything necessary for child’s development.  

The entire life of Basti Bubu Kindergarten, as well as educational and development processes are based on the principles and ideas of humane pedagogics. Humane pedagogics is the theory and creative practice of raising up a person in a child. It’s main principle is spiritual humanity and entirely pedagogical system is built out of this principle. 
The main ideas of humane pedagogics are:
• Spiritual unity and cooperation between teacher and a child;
• Taking care of ennobling child’s spirit and soul;
• Raising up a child for life by living;
• Dialogue as the main technique in relationship with a child;
• Giving spirit of free choice to a child;
• Maintaining creative discretion in relationship with a child;

The process of humane pedagogics is essential to child’s health. It creates a feeling of happiness, love, appreciation, internal peace and success in a child. 
Specially for our kindergarten, professor - Dr. Shalva Amonashvili created working program. You can download our program from our web-site. 
Our kindergarten is equipped with special recording system, so that each parent can watch their child online through our web-site.