Shalva Amonashvili – Dr. of Psychology – Academic, Founder of Humane Pedagogics, Author of kindergarten’s program.


‘Human’ in Latin means human – therefore humane pedagogics is grounded in human’s highest values. Basti Bubu kindergarten’s program is based on years of experience practiced in more than 20 countries throughout the world.

I hope Georgian kids will also enjoy growing up in humane environment.



Paata Amonashvili– Dr. of Psychology, President of International Association of Humane Pedagogics, Kindergarten program supervisor.


In Basti Bubu kindergarten our pedagogues and nannies go through constant training in the principles of humane pedagogics. New games and lessons are introduced. Experience of this kindergarten is interesting for other countries. We are part of a network and continually share practices with others, which enriches our experience.



Tamar Skhvitaridze– Founder and producer of Basti Bubu, Art director of Basti Bubu kindergarten program


Combination of Basti Bubu and Humane Pedagogics create very interesting and original program. We collaborate with very highly qualified pedagogues, children and their families; together we have one goal – we want future generation to be happy. 





Working program of Basti Bubu Kindergarten is entirely based on the principles of Humane Pedagogics. It was developed specifically for our kindergarten by famous pedagogue, professor – Dr. Shalva Amonashvili, who is the founder of Humane Pedagogics movement. a